Our Partners

Malcolm Ainscough
+27 76 5000 700 or +263 778 583 890
Malcolm has enjoyed over thirty years of experience in the aviation-safari-travel world bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience, wisdom and leadership to this partnership. Educated in Zimbabwe and the University of Surrey, he has developed a formidable network within the industry and an international following of loyal clients, colleagues and friends. Malcolm and his partner live in Victoria Falls and Cape Town.

Liz Ellway
Company Director
+263 772 155 937
Liz has enjoyed over thirty years of experience in the travel industry in Africa including various international chapters working in Australia, London, Mauritius, Switzerland and Austria. She was Sales and Marketing Manager for Mala Mala Private Game Reserve for ten years before developing her own business based in Victoria Falls and is married to respected hotelier Jonathan who has managed several properties in Central Africa and who has since taken responsibility for their own inbound tourism business. She boasts impressive first-hand knowledge encompassing East, Central and Southern Africa. Liz and Jonathan live in Victoria Falls

Gregg Hughes
Joint Managing Partner, Safari Footprints
Gregg is noted in numerous publications as one of the top ten private guides in Africa enjoying over fifteen years of experience in the industry. He started his career with Mala Mala Private Game Reserve and then managed the iconic Mombo Camp in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, before working his way to Head Private Guide for Wilderness Safaris. He has now successfully managed his own business for some five years developing a devoted clientele. Gregg is married to Caroline and lives with their two children and in Cape Town.

Lloyd Camp
Managing Partner, Lloyd Camp Consulting Africa
Lloyd has an honours degree in geographical history and education from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal and was a teacher before starting his career at Mala Mala Private Game Reserve after which he joined Wilderness Safaris where he worked as a Private Guide. He then transferred to Namibia where he was ultimately tasked with heading up the training division for their guides. He was worked with numerous NGO’s through the continent specifically taking training to community areas and has provided a unique and effective springboard for many careers within the industry consequently becoming much loved and highly regarded. Lloyd has managed his own business very successfully for the last five years and now lives in London and Kwa-Zulu Natal with his wife Sue.

Alf Ngwarai
Private, Professional Safari Guide
Alf was born in the magnificent country of Zimbabwe and his father was the Chief Warden of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management. He spent all his junior years outdoors, shaping what would become a passionate outdoors lifestyle. In 1994 Alf underwent an apprenticeship Learner Professional Guide training program in Zimbabwe, the most intensive and vigorous on the continent, and after 3 years attained his Professional Guide’s license, and for the past 20 years he has been sharing the treasures and mysteries of the great African wilderness with safari travelers to Africa. Alf enjoys photography – a passion conceived from spending so much time in the outdoors, and he gets a pleasant state of mind when he is in his element; presenting, sharing and punctuating nature and its processes. Over the past few years Alf has conducted most of his safaris in Tanzania, Botswana, Rwanda and of course, Zimbabwe. A safari evolves from a dream, often life long, and it falls squarely on the guide to present, interpret and narrate the safari indulgences from one place to the next creating expectations, focusing on interests making highlights and creating lasting memories. Over the past years his guiding has evolved to focus on private family, VIP safaris in East and Southern Africa and this has seen him conduct safaris in the arid Kalahari sand veld, walking with elephant in the Okavango Delta, rhino tracking in Zimbabwe, as well as trekking Gorillas in Rwanda. As a Private Professional Safari Guide his duties start long before the safari is embarked on. The dream, the imagination, the experience all the way through to the stories ! Because everyone has their own particular interests and assorted preferences, careful planning and preparation is made such that each variation is neatly heeded, for each individuals’ needs in order to create personalized, heightened safari experiences and also fulfill excitement, anticipation and expectations.

Phill Steffny
Managing Partner, Phill Steffny Safaris
Phill is all about guiding his clients through Africa in his inimitable style. Whether it be the highlands of Ethiopia, gorillas in Rwanda, experiencing the incredible migration through the Serengeti and Masai Mara, perhaps canoeing on the mighty Zambezi, exploring the Okavango Delta to discussing the adventurous history of Southern Africa, Phill prides himself on the passion and enthusiasm he feels so deeply for our continent and is always looking for the opportunity to share it’s incredible beauty and unrivalled diversity. He is an award winning photographer who has successfully managed his own company since 1997. Phill is married and lives in Cape Town.